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  • With the help of the Addeco biogas purification facility it will be possible to produce biomethane up to 30 % cheaper.

  • Addeco technology will enable the  production costs of the facility itself to be reduced by as much as 35 %.

  • The advantage of the Addeco biogas purification facility is its modular construction (of standard container type). Owing to this, it is possible to completely assemble the facility and test it in the manufacturing base, to demonstrate it and to carry it easily to another place, to assemble it and put it into operation.

The intensive studies of the renewable energy resource production development in Europe and other countries around the world have led to the establishment of UAB Addeco in 2012. The aim of the company is to contribute to the production of this viable source of energy in our country.

The field of company activity is the biogas and biomethane production process research and the development of biogas plants by upgrading them with biomethane production equipment. Thus, in 2013 with the successful financial aid of the European Union under the programme "Research and technological development designed for the economy competitiveness and economic growth" there was established "Biogas plant development cluster" that is successfully developing and functioning until now.



Establish your own biomethane plant of larger or smaller scale that would use the renewable resources from your farm or nearby area (i.e. manure, grass, silo, organic waste and other waste of similar origin) that otherwise would require disposal. Such waste has energy potential that would ensure the following benefits:

  • acquisition or development of income generating sources;

  • generation of energy (electricity and heat) for the farm needs;

  • usage of environment-friendly fuel for the transportation;

  • recycled organic materials as organic fertilizer;

  • waste storage and (or) disposal problem solution;

  • decrease of foul-smelling greenhouse gas emission.

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